Prefiero el cielo por el clima y el infierno por la compañía. W. Shakespeare


Dier Senior Gerente Jotel:

Now I am tell yu di story jau I was treated at yor jotel.
I cum from Puerto Rico as touris to Niu Yol and estay at yor jotel.
When I cum in my room I see der is no shit in my bed.
How can I sleep with no shit in my bed?
Ay col down de ricepchon and tell dem: -"I wanna shit".
Dey tell me "Go to the toilet"..
I sey "No, no, I wanna shit in my bed".
Dey sey "You betta not shit in yor bed, you sonnawabitch".
What is that of sonnawabitch?.
I go down for di restoran for breikfast.
I order beicon and eggs and two pisses of toast, I getta only one piss oftoast.
I tell di waitress and I points to toast. "I wanna piss".
She tella me Go to the toilet"... I say "No, No, I wanna piss on my plate".
She den say to me: "You piss on yor plate, I col da cops, you sonnawabitch".
Secon person who don even know me, and chi col me sonnawabitch! W
hat is that of sonnawabitch?
Later I go a dinner into restoran.
Spoon and knife is der but no fock.
I tell di waitress "I wanna fock!",
and she tell me:- "Sure, everybody wanna fock".
I tell her "No, no, you don onderstand me. I wanna fock on di table".
She den tell me
"So you sonnawabitch, you wanna fock on de table? Get yur ass out of here".
So I go to di ricepchon and ask for di bil.
I no wanna stay in dis jotel no more. When I have pay di bil,
the porter say to me: "Thank you and piss be with you".
I say "piss on you too, you sonnawabitch! "If I go back to Guaynabo City , I'll never more comma stay in your jotel, you sonnawabitch.
Sinsirly, John Towers From-the-Ass, (Juan Torres Delano)
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9/11/04 17:52 A Blogger Pablo (POL) le dió por decir ...

JAJAJAJAJA hombre que chistoso!
Solo no me quedo muy claro que qería el man cuando pedía "shit", lo demás me mató de la risa you sonnawabitch!    

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