Prefiero el cielo por el clima y el infierno por la compañía. W. Shakespeare

Voices of Africa

Sabian que Nelson Mandela fue calificado como terrorista durante la epoca del apartheid?
Como en su tiempo lo fue Simon Bolivar o Antonio Ricaurte?

Volvemos al tema de moda de mi blog, el miedo como metodo para subyugar a las masas y su uso y abuso por parte del presidente del planeta:

Pillen este lado de la historia, que viene desde la lejana Ghana...

There is a saying in my local language literally translated as; ‘if the fish comes out of the water and tells you the crocodile is dead, you have no reason to doubt him’.

I wouldn’t for a minute dispute the claims made in your write-up and this response is never intended to do so but to probably attempt to give ‘an African’ perspective and understanding of the world in which we live now.

We shouldn’t be surprised that big Companies, Businesses and Corporations are now in the driving seat either in the States, Asia, Europe or Africa because that is exactly what Pure Capitalism ‘breeds’, and in all this, it is the poor or working class that suffers.

I can understand why people from all corners of the globe passionately and seriously criticised the decision to go to war either in Afghanistan or Iraq. I wouldn’t support war for the sake of it but sometimes it becomes necessary especially so if it is used as a last resort after all options have been exhausted and if the intention is good..(if indeed it is to root out terrorism and to spread freedom to the oppressed as is being preached by Bush). Always remember:

‘Injustice anywhere they say is a threat to justice everywhere’

The hard truth is that, most Americans were ignorant of whatever was going on in the rest of the world and either turned blind eye or only paid lip service to the numerous injustices taking place in Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Chechnya, Rwanda etc and somehow thought they were insulated from it until the tragic and unexpected happened.(very regrettable)

I don’t personally agree with the fact that terrorism is a new phenomenon and that the nature of the threat we face in the world today (so-called terrorism) is very different from any other in the history of the mankind. I think this threat has always been in existence but has only been given prominence and some more highlight after 9/11.

I think every freedom fighter or liberator is a potential terrorist. Are you surprised that a legend like Nelson Mandela was once branded a terrorist during the era of apartheid. I am sure before we (Ghana) won Independence from the British our first President Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory would have fitted perfectly into the description and would have definitely been branded a terrorist.

I strongly believe that ‘its the end justifies the means’ kind of game we’re playing; which means that for now George Bush is a terrorist however good his intentions may be. Agreed??

To some of us, America happens to be the lesser of the two evils. Being tough on terrorism equally calls for an even tougher stance on the causes of terrorism and that is where I think the Americans are getting it all mixed up. They are trying to treat the symptoms instead of the disease and your guess would be as good as mine as to how far they can go. Terrorism would never be defeated so long as we have people willing to blow themselves up for a cause.

Some of us are trying desperately to understand the cause for which these Muslim ‘fundamentalist’ are fighting.

Is it just to kick Americans out of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or stop them getting involved or poking their noses into other people’s affair or simply, to change the way of life of the west to conform to Islamic principles or teachings?? And can you honestly tell me if it is a realistic objective? These ‘terrorists’ are as confused as the very reason they are supposed to be fighting for so holding any proper dialogue or trying to reason with them is virtually impossible.

Nelson Mandela for instance led the struggle for independence in South Africa with a very clear objective in mind. A Terrorist turned legend!!!….end justified the means right??

I am not in any way siding with these ‘fundamentalist’(God forbid) so don’t get me wrong but the most frightening thing about them is their willingness to kill anybody so long as you have something to do with the west. Anybody at all could have been in the world trade centre or the US embassy in Kenyan that was bombed with so many innocent lives lost.
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