Prefiero el cielo por el clima y el infierno por la compañía. W. Shakespeare

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Esto de verdad me pone una excelente persona y que bueno que tambien dio con otra igual que el...

Hi everybody,

I would like to share with you my opinion about what has been written to the
lists, and my opinion about Colombia. I also feel that your message Gordon
inadvertently came out a little too negative. I know that you, like me, and
have gotten a new job and extended your stay here because you like it so
much, and I'm here without a job, waiting desperately to begin working so I
can stay here longer. I think that says a lot and that is what we should
focus on. After all, our opinion, the opinion of the foreigners living in
Colombia, counts double for foreigners considering coming here.

Many people from other countries think that life here revolves around the
violence. Everybody knows about the difficult situation in the country and
the horrible things that are happening, what they don't know is that you can
live a perfectly normal life here just taking the simple precautions you
talked about (by the way-during christmas holidays I didn't heed your advice
and traveled Bogotá-Cali-Buenaventura-Pereira-Manizales-Armenia-Bogota by
bus- with no problems- without thereby saying that anyone else should do the

I didn't know about what happened to Aiesec Bucaramanga- I'm glad you told
me about it Gordon- it is NOT normal to hear about something like that
happening to someone you know. It should be said that the road
B/quilla-Bucaramanga is known as one of the more dangerous in the country at
the moment. I've been in Colombia over six months now (living in Bogota). I
have traveled a lot and I haven't been the victim of even the smallest
pickpocketing (knock on wood). Neither have any of the other trainees I
know. It's true that cars dont stop at red lights at night in Bogota- for
security, but also because it simply is the driving culture here (they have
extended the turn on red rule- why stop if there are no cars coming?), but I
have never heard of anyone actually being robbed at one. How many days were
you in Bogotá Gordon? You have to have respect this city, but by no means
fear it.

13 Reasons I am so happy to be in Colombia

1. The people are incredibly friendly. In Norway most people need at least 4
beers to start a normal conversation with someone they don't know, even less
a foreigner. Here people are incredibly open, and they definitely know how
to enjoy themselves (despite the difficult situation of the country)...I
must admit that I am a slave of the Latin American party-culture- even the
smallest "pueblo" has some form of carneval at some time of the year.
2. The variety of climates, vegitation and scenery is amazing. I went with
two other trainees to El Nevado del Ruiz (5390 m), which has a special
climatic zone only found in Colombia, called Paramo, and snow on the top.
Just hours away you can find tropical forests and beaches.
3. Marcela
4. I am getting a new perspective and understanding of an incredibly ugly
and complex conflict, and learned that most Colombian people are good,
warm-hearted, hard-working, non-violent and positive people. Only too bad
the solutions are so complex that they don't know how to solve the
5. Ron
6. Aguardiente
7. Canelazo
8. Bandeja Paisa
9. Salsa, Vallenato, Merengue
10. I'm learning the incredibly charming way Colombians speak- and their
different accents. I love how they use the diminuitive form- Cervecita,
aguardientico, despacito, amiguita, MONITO
11. I'm seeing how Bogotá is improving and turning into a very beautiful
city thanks to two honest and determined Mayors by the names of Peñalosa and
12. Tropical fruits like Maracuya, Feijoa, Guayaba, Guanabana and Granadilla
13. All the other Colombian mamasitas

Mauricio, please forward this to the INT-lists. Un abrazo a todos.

Norwegian trainee in Colombia
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